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Rocket Chinese review.

About Rocket Chinese Course.

Rocket Languages is a popular choice course for people who are interested in learning foreign languages such as Spanish, French, German and Mandarin is no exception. When it comes to Chinese there are 3 level courses available for this foreign language. By completing all these parts in Rocket program learners are expected to advance from complete beginners to advanced level in Mandarin.

rocket-chinese-courseThe main studying material in Rocket program comes in a form of audios; however there are additional studying tools like quizzes, written content, programs, flashcards and etc. So this program provides a mix of visual and audio studying content for those who want to learn Mandarin. While the main focus of Rocket program is to teach learners how to communicate in Chinese, learners can also learn basics in other areas of this language – grammar, writing and reading. Due to this Rocket can be a suitable course for different type of learners (audible & visual) and also for learners who are interested in improving their skills in all areas of Chinese.

In order to make this course effective for learning foreign languages, Rocket Languages follow different success strategies. Rocket is a successful studying program because it gives learners ability to study Chinese on the move, it provides advanced tools for practicing Mandarin speaking skills, it boosts learners motivation to study further, it explains step by step how this foreign language is structured & works, it reinforces previous studying material and more.

Review of The Main Features.

All three parts of Rocket course consists of 269 Chinese lessons, which would be equal to 366 hours of studying material. This includes audio lessons, language structure & culture lessons, videos teaching how to write in Chinese script, sets of flashcards, different Mandarin phrases in Rocket Record tool.

rocket-chinese-featuresSince one of the teaching strategies of Rocket is make sure that learners are able to recall material from the lessons, it includes many different software’s that are useful for practicing Mandarin from different angles. The first software offered by Rocket course is called Hear it Say it. It works by playing you a word or phrase, then you have to say it for yourself and check if you done it right. This way you can train your ear to spoken Chinese and improve your overall pronunciation. The second included software is Write it those goal is to improve learners Chinese writing skills. It works by playing random phrase & word and then learners are expected to write it in Chinese. After you write it you can also check if you made it right or not. The third program is called Know it. Its purpose is to improve your pronunciation and check how well you know the material from the lessons. It works by showing you a word or phrase in English and then you have to say it in Chinese & record it. Then you can also listen to a native speaker saying it and compare with your own recording. The last software provided by Rocket program is Play it. This particular tool selects random conversations from audio lessons and then simply  plays them. Learners are expected to participate in these dialogues, which is useful for practicing their Chinese speaking skills and making them more prepared for actual life conversations.

Since Rocket is an online based program, it is possible to access all studying material in this course whenever you have an internet connection. Rocket also provides its learners with an app that ensures convenient studying via any smartphone, tablet or computer. This can be a very useful feature for Chinese learners who doesn’t spend too much time at home and have only limited time for studying Mandarin.

Rocket Languages also has some features that are helpful for keeping learners interest in studying further. With Rocket program learners are able to see which parts of the program are already completed. Not only that, but learners can also mark difficulty of each lesson, word or phrase. This is a useful feature because it helps keep track of your progress and repeat parts that were more difficult. Completing lessons & different activities in Rocket program also rewards learners with points. These points are being counted and later learners get badges and also they participate in leader board. All these different features in Rocket ensures that learners are motivated to come back and improve their Mandarin skills further.

When it comes to social features, this course has a forum created for people who are studying Mandarin. There you can find plenty of resources, tips and all the information needed for successful learning. Currently there are thousands of members registered therefore you can be sure that you will find someone answering your questions and giving you advice and tips.

Based on Rocket Languages teaching approach, it is not enough to teach learners only essential phrases of a new language. Due to this Rocket provides learners with clear and detailed explanations on Chinese structure, so that it would be more clear how this language works. Furthermore it is possible to find a transcript (English & Mandarin) of each dialogue in audio lessons. So learners can follow Rocket program without doing any guessing and progress confidently in Chinese language.try-rocket-chinese-course

In case you want try this course before buying it, you should know that there is an option to register for a 6 days free trial. During this time you can fully test all the features included in Rocket program and make a decision whether it’s the right course for you. Also some people are not always sure if they can commit to learning a new language, so six days might be just enough time to check how committed you are.

Register for free 6 days Rocket Chinese lessons.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

Majority of the reviews that you can find about Rocket courses will be positive, no matter which language you are learning. If you would look for reviews of Rosetta Stone software, Pimsleur or some other Chinese course, you would find a bit more mixed opinions. This can be due to lower price of Rocket Chinese and also the fact that this course is very dynamic & suitable for different type of learners.

Most likely positive reviews can also be influenced by the fact that Rocket offers new learners the possibility to test a program for 6 days before making any payments. So everyone is able try Rocket course for free first and only later decide if they want to spend any money on it. You can find a couple of actual consumer reviews of Rocket Mandarin bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Rocket Chinese course visit the official website here.

The Main Pros and Cons of Rocket Chinese.

The Main Pros:

  • It can be said that Rocket is one of the most dynamic programs for learning Mandarin. This is because it includes audio lessons, culture notes, grammar explanations, games, different tools for learning & repeating vocabulary (Know it, Play it, Hear it, Say it, Write it) and quizzes;
  • There are 3 levels of Rocket available for Mandarin, so learners can achieve even advanced speaking level in this foreign language after completing all parts in this program;
  • Rocket teaches all aspects of Chinese language including grammar, writing, speaking, listening as well as reading;
  • The vocabulary and phrases that you can learn from Rocket program are essential and they would be very useful while traveling or speaking with native Chinese people;
  • Rocket program is a great choice for busy people since audios can be transferred to your mp3 player and there is also an app available, which will allow you to access all studying material in the course via tablet or smartphone;
  • Rocket has some great features for keeping your motivation high to study Mandarin. It includes quizzes, badges, leader board, self-rating system and more;
  • You will not need to do any guessing while using Rocket course since each dialogue in audio lessons have transcripts in both Mandarin and English. Also conversations in these dialogues are divided into smaller parts so that you would be able to understand everything;
  • There is one native Mandarin speaker in audio lessons so you will be able to learn how speak in this language with a good accent. Audios are interactive too, so listeners are constantly encouraged to speak Mandarin out load. Also Rocket Chinese course has a very useful tool (Rocket Record), which will allow you to compare your pronunciation with a native Mandarin speaker;
  • Users of this course can ask questions or get some tips in a forum, which was specifically created for Chinese learners. So whenever to get stuck on something you can be sure that you will get help from either other fellow learners or a teacher;
  • All three Rocket Chinese levels come with a free bonus – Survival Kit. These kits will provide you with audios that will help you learn additional vocabulary (useful phrases and words);
  • Unlike some other courses reviewed in this website (for example Rosetta Stone), Rocket program offers Chinese learners a lifetime access to the course (with all upcoming future updates);
  • Based on the features that Rocket Mandarin offers it can be said that it is very reasonably priced course ($99.95 for Premium). Also Rocket offers money back guarantee (60 days), so you can ask for refund in case you find this course not useful;

The Main Cons:

  • Rocket is mostly an online based program, so you would need to have internet connection in order to access most of the material included in this course. And if you are interested in physical copy of this course it is quite expensive ($299.95 for each level);
  • Rocket focuses more on teaching learners how to speak and understand Mandarin, rather than writing or reading. However with Rocket course you would be getting some basics of Chinese writing system, which other courses doesn’t include at all;
  • Since Rocket provides quite a lot of explanations in English (both written and spoken form), some learners might find it difficult to immerse into Mandarin fully while studying via this program;

Summary of a Review and Pricing.

If you are a visual or audible learner who is just beginning to learn Mandarin, Rocket course is definitely a good choice program for you. It is one of the best online courses for learning Chinese, because it offers a lot of material to study from, it covers all areas of Mandarin and learners are actually able to recall what they have learned. Some other great benefits of Rocket program are that it includes culture notes, grammar explanations, Chinese writing basics that are essential parts of learning this language. Furthermore this course can work great for travelers (teaches essential phrases) and busy people (can be accessed via different devices). All these mentioned benefits and features make Rocket one of the most popular programs for learning Chinese online.

Despite many benefits of Rocket Mandarin, this course also has a few weak sides. Even though explanations & translations in English language are a lot needed, they also take a lot of time in Rocket program. Due to this you will be hearing more English rather than Mandarin, which makes it more difficult to immerse into this foreign language. Learners who are studying Chinese for academic purposes might also find writing & grammar lessons not sufficient. It is definitely enough if you only need to learn basics, but more needy learners might need to find supplementary studying content.

Where to buy Rocket Mandarin Courses?

rocket-chinese-mandarin-premiumWhen it comes to price it can be said that Rocket is probably one of the cheapest options if you want to start learning Chinese. Other courses like Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur are more expensive even if they do not offer more features or material.

In case you will decide to purchase Rocket Chinese Premium, you should know that at the moment it costs around 99.95 USD and the Premium Plus is another 149.95 USD. This might seem like a lot a beginning; however if you would compare that to a private tutor or language schools, this is definitely a smaller investment.

Visit the official page of Rocket Chinese.

Fluenz Mandarin review.

About Fluenz Mandarin Software.

Fluenz is one of the newest available language learning software’s on the market. As the company is still quite new, it offers courses for more popular languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian as well as Mandarin. Visual Mandarin learners tend to prefer Fluenz program for studying Mandarin. This is due to the fact that it teaches learners through video based lessons and different workouts & flashcards.

Fluenz teaching approach is a lot different from programs like Rosetta Stone. The main difference is that they claim that explanations are very important when learning new languages. An instructor of this software guides you step by step through the course, explaining grammar rules and vocabulary in more detail after each lesson. So basically you get a feeling that you have a real time instructor on your computer, who teaches you all aspects of Chinese language.

Review of The Main Features.

There are currently 3 levels of Fluenz available for learners of Mandarin (some more popular languages like French and Spanish have 5). So Fluenz course is mostly oriented to complete beginners at Chinese. Consequently learners can’t achieve very advanced level in Mandarin only by using this learning program. Each level of this software is divided into sessions (45 sessions for 1-st and 2-nd level and 30 more for third level). Users who want to comprehend all material properly, should dedicate approximately 2 hours for a single Fluenz lesson.

All lessons in Fluenz program are related to each other. Once they progress, phrases and conversations become more and more difficult. Before you start each session you can choose to see subtitles of the conversation (only English, both English and Pinyin and no subtitles). It is very useful feature of Flurnz, because in the beginning it might be a bit difficult to understand dialogues. Once you advance, it’s a good idea to turn them off in order to improve you listening skills as well.


After completing lessons in Fluenz, you will also need to do different exercises. They can be useful for practicing Mandarin from different angles and keeping your retention rate high. Some of these workouts are quite easy to do (Match the word or phrase and Match the word with the picture), while others can be a bit more challenging. It is worthwhile to mention that quite a lot of exercises in Fluenz software require writing – translate from English to Mandarin, type what you hear and etc. So prepare to type a lot! The other feature of this software that most visual Mandarin learners can find useful are flashcards. It allows users to customize flashcards based on their learning needs. Learners are able to generate flashcards by selecting particular lessons, what area of Mandarin to improve and etc.

Most of vocabulary that you can learn from Fluenz Mandarin is essential. Words and phrases in this program were specifically selected to be useful for travelers. So with Fluenz you can learn how to book a hotel, communicate with taxi driver, order food and etc. Since Fluenz provides quite a lot of explanations and repeats previous studying content, it doesn’t introduce much new vocabulary in lessons. In each session of this program you can expect to learn approximately 3-5 new Mandarin phrases. While it might seem like not much, but at least you can be sure that you will be able to recall what you have learned.

fluenz-chinese-featuresA long with the main software, Fluenz includes accompanying audio CD’s. Learners can use them for studying Chinese on the go. This is quite useful supplementary studying content for busy learners that can help to improve Mandarin pronunciation and comprehension skills. This means that you don’t have to spend additional time near your computer and you can learn while driving your car or in the gym. To make studying more convenient, Fluenz program can be accessed via different devices too. You can install it on your computer, access studying content online or download Fluenz app and learn via your iPad, iPhone or Android device. With so many studying options, you can definitely find just a little time everyday to login to this program and improve your Mandarin language skills.

What Do Other Peoples Reviews Say?

Majority of reviews and testimonials about Fluenz Mandarin software that you can find online are very positive. Users compliment this course because it gives comprehensive explanations on new vocabulary & topics. Also it is well-structured and it does sufficient repetition to keep retention rate high.

Despite that you can definitely find a few negative testimonials. They point out that this course is too expensive and it doesn’t teach Chinese characters (only Pinyin). Also some users are not too happy that most workouts in this software requite a lot of typing. Read a few actual user reviews of Fluenz Mandarin software bellow.


Want to read more user testimonials of Fluenz Mandarin? You can find plenty of them by visiting Amazon site here.

Review of the Main Strong and Weak Sides.

Strong Sides:

  • Explanations provided at the end of the lessons are clear and systematic. They will help you understand Chinese grammar and structure from a perspective of English speaker much easier;
  • Fluenz gives explanations on Mandarin tone pronunciations in the first lessons. This is essential part for learning how to speak in this foreign language;
  • Video based lessons, dialogues, different types of exercises, accompanying audios are some of the features included in this program. They make learning Mandarin less monotonic and more fun. Also by studying Chinese through different multimedia, you can greatly increase your overall learning efficiency;
  • It is easy to retain what you have learned from Fluenz. This is because the same studying material is repeated in further sessions and provided workouts help to keep retention rate high;
  • Fluenz uses slightly different teaching approach for separate languages and also there is some cultural content provided too. Also all images used in the software are related to specific language;
  • This program teaches essential Chinese vocabulary from the first lesson. So if you are planning a trip to a Mandarin speaking country soon, this will help you learn the most needed words and phrases to get around;
  • Fluenz has advanced tracking so all your activities in this software are fully tracked. Hence you will be able to finish studying Mandarin where you last left;
  • It is very convenient to study Mandarin via Fluenz program while on the go. This is because it has audio CD’s for practicing speaking and comprehension skills while on the move. In addition to that all material in this program can be accessed online or via app (suitable for iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices).

Weak Sides:

  • Prepare to write a lot, because half of exercises in this software require learners to type. Even though it is quite time consuming way to study like this,  it definitely helps to learn vocabulary and how to write words correctly;
  • Each lesson of Fluenz focuses only on a couple of new Chinese phrases. So even after completing all levels of this course your Mandarin vocabulary will be very limited;
  • Fluenz lessons only present explanations in the videos. It would be quite useful to have them in a written form as well (at least for my studying style). This is because after you complete a lot of lessons, it becomes quite difficult to find in which video it was explained;
  • Instructor of Fluenz lessons is not a native Mandarin speaker. This means that you will not always hear correct accent & pronunciation. Although in the third level instructor is changed to native speaker (Yi Wei), so it becomes not an issue anymore;
  • This software doesn’t teach Chinese characters, only Pinyin. Courses like Rocket at least include Chinese characters along with the dialogues;
  • It would be quite useful if Fluenz would offer more social features for studying Mandarin. Some competitor courses include e-tutoring or features that allow to communicate with other Mandarin learners;
  • One of the most expensive software’s for learning Mandarin. Depending on the current discount, you might need to spend even up to $308 for all 3 parts.

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review, it could be said that Fluenz can be one of the best beginner courses to learn Mandarin for learners who have a larger budget. With various different workouts in this software, you will be able to recall studying content easily. Also it will make your Chinese studying more engaging and dynamic experience. Additionally Fluenz program provides detailed explanations on all areas of Mandarin. Consequently you will be able to progress with this course without too much difficulty and it will make your whole studying experience less frustrating. Also studying content in Fluenz can be accessed via various devices and there is supplementary studying material available to learn on the go. All these mentioned features make this studying program suitable even for busy Mandarin learners.

One of the biggest downsides of Fluenz is lack of Chinese characters (only Pinyin included). So if you are planning to learn Chinese writing & reading, you will find this learning program incomplete. In these cases you will definitely need some supplementary Chinese studying material. Also most of Fluenz lessons tend to introduce only a couple of new phrases and quite a lot of time is being dedicated to explanations. So even after finishing all 3 levels of Fluenz, your knowledge & vocabulary in Mandarin will be still quite limited. So before making a decision about Fluenz Mandarin program, it is worthwhile to keep these disadvantages in mind.

Interested in learning more about online courses for studying Mandarin? Then you should read this article. It lists 6 most popular online programs for learning this language and points out their main strong and weak sides.

Where to buy Fluenz Mandarin Courses?

buy-fluenz-mandarin-softwareAlready decided that Fluenz is the right program for you to study Chinese language? In that case you can buy this Mandarin course at Amazon or official Fluenz website. There is usually no difference between prices in both of these sites. Of course it’s still a good idea to check them both before making a purchase.

Currently you can buy this course for $308 (1-3 levels) on Amazon. There is also an option to purchase only 1-st or 1-2 levels of Fluenz Mandarin. Nevertheless, the price for these options is quite similar. Hence it is more cost efficient to buy all three parts at once. Buying separate levels later will be way more expensive at the end. Still not sure about this Mandarin learning program? You can test a demo version of this program at Fluenz site, which is totally free.

Pimsleur Chinese review.

About Pimsleur Chinese Method.

Pimsleur method for teaching languages is known for more than 50 years. Hence today there are lessons available to study various foreign languages via this course. Pimsleur offers to learn two dialects of Chinese – Mandarin and Cantonese. Both of them are among the most widely spoken Chinese dialects and you can learn more about them in this article.

Studying material in Pimsleur comes in a form of audios so in most cases this Chinese course is preferred by audible learners. Each lesson usually lasts for about 25-30 minutes and it features a short conversation in Chinese. This dialogue is being divided into smaller parts and explained in more detail later. This helps to understand new studying material and follow this Chinese course without too much problem.

Listeners of Pimsleur audios are also being prompted to say different Chinese sentences. They either cover studying material from beginning of the lesson or from previous audios. Gradual repetition method used by Pimsleur is very beneficial for keeping retention rate high. As a result most users of Pimsleur confirm that they are able to remember studying material from this course.

What Courses Are Available?

When it comes to Cantonese Chinese, Pimsleur only has one level. While on the other hand for Mandarin dialect there are 5 levels available. So if you do not have an important reason for learning Cantonese, you should definitely choose Mandarin. With five levels available, you would be able to advance significantly more. Although very few courses offer to learn Cantonese at all. So it is still worthwhile to consider Pimsleur course for studying this particular dialect.

For Mandarin dialect, Pimsleur offers Premium version as well. This version has 5 levels and it comes with some additional features like games & flashcards. This edition can be preferred by visual Mandarin learners or those who want more studying possibilities.

chinese_mandarin_premiumEach level of Pimsleur course contains 30 lessons that are approximately 30 minutes long each. So with each level of Pimsleur you can expect to get a total of about 16 hours of recorded material for studying Chinese. So if you are worried that you do not have sufficient time for studying, you shouldn’t be. With a help of Pimsleur you can start learning how to speak and understand Chinese only by dedicating half an hour per day.

The other great benefit of Pimsleur course is that all audio lessons can be transferred to mobile phone or other device. So no matter which version of Pimsleur you will choose (Premium or standard course), you will have an access to all Chinese studying material while on the go. Since audio lessons can be downloaded, you can study offline as well.

Audios in Pimsleur cover topics like greetings, currency, travel plans, talking about yourself & family and etc. So this course can be useful as a survival guide in case you are visiting a country that speaks this foreign language. Of course, it might be a bit difficult to understand native people if you complete just a few Pimsleur levels. However you will definitely be able to order food, hotel, ask simple questions and even tell a bit about yourself.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

It can be said that user reviews of Pimsleur Chinese course are mostly positive. A few negative things that some users point out are that Pimsleur only teaches learners how to speak and understand Chinese. Others don’t like that it doesn’t include written content and also that it’s quite an expensive course if you would sum up all the parts together.

Some of the most frequently mentioned positive aspects of Pimsleur are that these lessons are good at keeping learners retention rate high. Others compliment these lessons because they feature native Chinese speakers. Also it is very convenient to study via Pimsleur while on the go. You can find a few consumer reviews of Pimsleur Chinese course bellow.


For more reviews and comments of this Chinese course, visit Amazon page here.

Also learners who want to see how Pimsleur works, can register at the official website. This way you can get a free 30 minute lesson. It will allow you to test Pimsleur method and make sure that this Chinese course is suitable for your learning style and needs.

Review of The Main Advantages and Disadvantages.


  • For those who want to test Pimsleur method there is a possibility to get one free Mandarin or Cantonese lesson. All you have to do is register at official page of this course;
  • There are even 5 levels of Pimsleur available for Mandarin. So new learners are able to advance quite a lot with this dialect. It is also possible to lean Cantonese dialect with Pimsleur. Although there are fewer lessons available for this particular dialect;
  • Pimsleur teaches good pronunciation and accent. This is for a reason that dialogues are recorded by native Mandarin or Cantonese speakers;
  • Most of phrases and vocabulary included in Pimsleur are essential. So they will definitely come in handy if you are planning to visit China or any other Mandarin/Cantonese speaking country;
  • Pimsleur audios are recorded at a normal phase. Also Chinese speakers talk clearly so the lessons are quite easy to follow;
  • Pimsleur divides larger conversations into smaller parts and also repeats everything a couple of times. Due to this it is not too difficult to understand everything and progress with this Chinese course;
  • Both versions of Pimsleur are suitable for busy learners who prefer to study Chinese while on the go. Audios in this course can be used for studying both online and offline. Free Pimsleur app allows you to access studying material via different devices too;
  • Pimsleur audios are interactive, which means that listeners are constantly being asked to say different sentences in Chinese. This helps to enhance your overall learning efficiency and you will also be more prepared to speak in this foreign language;


  • Pimsleur doesn’t offer writing material, which can be preferred by visual Chinese learners. Even though there is some reading material included, it’s not that much helpful or related to what you have learned in audio lessons. So if you are planning to learn Chinese writing or reading, studying material in Pimsleur will be not sufficient for that;
  • Pimsleur is quite an expensive Chinese course (120 USD per level) considering that it only teaches you how to speak and understand Mandarin or Cantonese;
  • Only one level of Pimsleur is available for learning Cantonese, so the amount of vocabulary you can learn with this dialect is very limited. While there are more parts available for Mandarin, each lesson of this course introduces quite limited new Chinese words. So in order to progress more with Mandarin language you would need to complete at least 3 or even 5 levels of this course;
  • Pimsluer Chinese lessons are a bit monotonic at times. So if you are not committed enough, it might become boring after a few lessons;
  • Pimsleur doesn’t include transcripts of Chinese dialogues in the lessons. So if something is unclear, you can’t look it up and you need to re-listen to studying material a couple of times;

Pimsleur vs Rosetta Stone. Which One is Better?

Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone are both popular language learning programs. Hence it is not surprising that learners are comparing and wondering which of these courses is better. As these courses are very different, there is no right answer to this question. Depending on learners studying style or goals, one can be preferred over the other. Chinese learners who need to learn quick conversational phrases should definitely choose Pimsleur lessons. Audio based format of this course also means that it is more oriented toward audible learners or people with busy schedule. On the other hand, Rosetta Stone can be preferred as supplementary learning resource by visual learners. As activities in Rosetta Stone are very engaging, it can work better for students who tend to get bored easily.

Is Pimsleur Worth It?

To conclude this review it should be said that Pimsleur Chinese course has both benefits and a few drawbacks. Some of the best features of this course are that it teaches essential Chinese phrases, it is convenient course to study Mandarin or Cantonese while on the move. Also it teaches good accent & pronunciation.

A few downsides of Pimsleur lessons are that they lack visual studying content and they don’t teach all parts of Chinese (writing and grammar). Also they can be a bit repetitive at times. Other than that, Pimsleur is a great choice course for anyone who wants to learn conversational Chinese fast.

Whether or not Pimsleur is the right Chinese course for you, depends on a couple of things. For visual learners who enjoy learning via different techniques, a better choice might be Rocket or Fluenz courses. On the other hand Pimsleur can a better choice for learners who prefer audio lessons and only need to learn how to speak & understand Chinese language.

If you are interested in knowing more about available online programs for learning Mandarin, you should definitely check this article. It provides a list of some of the best rated courses for learning foreign languages and also points out their main advantages and disadvantages.

Where to Buy Pimsleur Chinese Courses?

When it comes to pricing it can be said that Pimsleur is quite an expensive course when you add all levels together. However the official website has a great price structure, which doesn’t make these lessons such a big burden on your wallet at the same time.

For those who are committed to learning Chinese, it might be worthwhile to buy all levels of Pimsleur for this foreign language in a bundle. All 5 levels of Pimsleur Mandarin costs 550 USD in MP3 format or 575 USD for Premium version (5 levels). This can help to save at least 50 USD in the long run since buying separate levels of Pimsleur is slightly more expensive.buy-pimsleur-mandarin-lessons

Alternatively you can buy each level separately, which is $119.95 for audio format. It is also possible to buy levels in increments of five lectures, which is $21.95 each. It is a great alternative for learners who can’t afford to buy the whole level at the time.

>>Find Pimsleur Chinese Course on Amazon.<<

Coupon Code.

Already decided to buy one of Pimsleur Chinese courses? Then you should know that you can get a discount when ordering this course from official website. All you have to do is enter a coupon code SAVENOW at checkout. This in turn will make you eligible to free shipping and reduce the price of this Chinese course by up to 25%.

Living Language Chinese review.

About Living Language Chinese Method.

For learners who are looking for affordable and well rated Mandarin learning course, Living Language can be a great choice. At the moment learners can choose from more than 18 languages and Mandarin is one of them. Courses are available in a form of books & CD’s as well as online version. Hence Chinese learners can choose a course from Living Language based on their budget and studying preferences.

When it comes to teaching method, Living Language teaches Mandarin through different multimedia. This includes coursebooks, audio CD’s and interactive games, flashcards and quizzes. Also studying material in Living Language covers all areas of Mandarin. This is a great advantage over courses that avoid more complicated parts of Chinese like writing and grammar. Since this course material is dynamic, you will be less likely to get bored. Also you will be able to learn more effectively and practice all aspects of Chinese.

You should know that Living Language method also follows building block approach. This means that this course introduce learners to a new language in small steps. This makes it easier to follow the course and avoid frustration. You will begin with simple stuff and once the lessons progress you will learn more and more vocabulary. Within time you will be able to express your ideas in Mandarin and form more complicated sentences in this foreign language.

In order to provide support for Mandarin learners, Living Language offers a couple of social features. These include forum and e-tutoring sessions. They can be quite useful when you get stuck on more difficult learning material and concepts.

What Courses Are Being Offered?

At the moment Living Language offers three different courses for Chinese learners. These courses differ by offered features and quantity of studying material. Hence from the beginning you should evaluate your learning needs and choose only one of them.

The first edition by Living Language is called Essential. It includes one coursebook as well as three audio CD’s. This particular course is a good choice for anyone who only needs to learn the most essential phrases and vocabulary in this language.

The second course from Living Language is called Complete. Its studying content consists of 9 audio CD’s and 3 coursebooks. Due to the fact that it contains more material, it is a suitable course for learners who want to achieve a more advanced level in Mandarin. The price of this edition is also very appealing for most learners. Hence Chinese learners who don’t need more advanced studying features tend to choose Complete course from Living Language.living-language-chinese-platinum

The third course from Living Language is called Platinum. Basically it offers the same material as Complete course, but with additional features like mobile app and live e-tutoring lessons. It is worthwhile to consider this edition if you need access to Chinese studying material while on the go or you need additional guidance when learning (e-tutoring).

The other thing to know about Living Language courses is that they come with free online features too. These features include different exercises, quizzes, games and flashcards that are all quite useful for practicing what you have learned in the main lessons. For Mandarin language in particular all Living Language courses offer additional studying bonus – A guide showing how to write the main Chinese characters. This can be a very useful bonus for those who are planning to study all aspects of Mandarin.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

It can be said that user reviews of Living Language Mandarin course online are very positive. Most consumer testimonials point out that this course offers a great value for money. This is because Living Language includes quite a lot of studying material. Also based on reviews, it can be said that this course is well structured and explains grammar well.

Some complains that you can find about Living Language are that quizzes sometimes ask questions that weren’t covered in the studying material yet. Also a few typos can be found too within context of this course. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Living Language Chinese course bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Living Language Mandarin courses, visit Amazon page here.

The Main Strong and Weak Sides.

Strong Sides:

  • Living Language offers different material for studying Mandarin like audios, books and online features. Consequently learners are less likely to get bored while studying;
  • This course does a great job at explaining the whole language structure and grammar. Hence Living Language is a great choice program for everyone who wants to learn not only a few conversation phrases in this language;
  • In addition to the main material in the course, there is also a guide included on how to write Chinese characters. So it is a great bonus for learners who also want to learn how to write some basic Chinese characters;
  • Since one of the main components of this course is audio lessons, you will be able to learn quite a lot material while on the go. Also Platinum version of this course offers app so you can also learn via your phone or other device;
  • This course teaches essential Mandarin vocabulary for travelers. Due to this it is a great choice course for anyone who is planning to travel to Chinese speaking country fast;
  • For learners who have bigger budget for Mandarin learning, it is definitely worthwhile to consider buying Platinum course of Living Language. This is because it has one of the best rated online e-tutoring lessons;
  • Learners who want to find out more about Chinese culture, will find some material included in Living Language course for that too;
  • Essential or Complete versions of this course are very reasonably priced. This is because you can buy them for less than $50;

Weak Sides:

  • Even though Living Language offers online features (flashcards, games and quizzes), they lack engagement. Competitor courses like Rosetta Stone and Rocket offer more captivating activities for practicing new language skills;
  • There are a lot of explanations and English language in this course. Consequently it is difficult to immerse into Chinese language completely when studying via Living Language. However most learners will find it more as a benefit rather than a drawback;
  • Living Language doesn’t offer any advanced features for practicing pronunciation like Rocket and Rosetta Stone programs do. So in case one of your aims is to learn how to speak Chinese with a good accent, it might be a good idea to consider these two mentioned courses instead;
  • The other small drawback of Living Language online course is that it doesn’t have advanced tracking features. Due to this you have to complete a full lesson online in order for it to count as completed.

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review, it can be said that Living Language offers one of the most affordable courses for learning Mandarin. By learning from coursebooks and audio CD’s, you can improve all aspects of Chinese. This includes grammar, reading, speaking, listening and etc. Most online courses for studying Mandarin are limited to listing and speaking parts of this foreign language. Hence you can learn more with Living Language than compared to other courses. Premium edition of Living Language includes some more advanced features for studying Mandarin – e-tutoring and app. Hence even more needy learners can find this course suitable for their learning style.

However when compared with courses like Rosetta Stone and Rocket, it can be said that Living Language offers less engaging online features. Due to this, it is a more suitable course for learners who prefer to study via coursebooks. The other quite commonly mentioned downside of Living Language is that it doesn’t offer sufficient practice through workouts and quizzes. This means that for most Mandarin learners it might be difficult to keep retention rate high. A few users of this program also mention a few typos in the course. Also at times quizzes and workouts include material that wasn’t covered yet. Other than that Living Language courses are well structured and offer cost efficient way to study Mandarin on your own.

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Where to buy Living Language Chinese Courses?

buy-Living-Language-ChineseIf you have already decided to try one of Living Language courses, you can buy it on popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Barnes and Noble and etc. All Living Language courses are also available for purchase directly on official page of this course.

When it comes to prices, Living Language offers one of the most affordable courses for learning foreign languages. You can buy Essential part of this course for as little as $23 and Complete edition for about $50. Platinum version of this course is a bit more expensive since it offers more advanced studying features and you can buy it for $179.

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