Instant Immersion Chinese Mandarin review.

About Instant Immersion Mandarin Software.

Instant Immersion software uses so called image-association technique in order to teach learners a new foreign language. This kind of approach is usually preferred by visual learners and learners who want to learn a new language in a natural way. Since this course teaches Mandarin mostly through immersion it is important to know limitations of this software. It doesn’t teach Chinese writing system, it doesn’t include any lengthy explanations on grammar or language structure and etc. Instead this software focuses more on developing speaking skills and thereby teaches users the most essential Mandarin words & phrases.

The list if languages that can be chosen from Instant Immersion is quite large (120 or more) and Chinese Mandarin is one of them. Family Edition of this course contains 3 main levels of studying material, which can be ordered separately or in a bundle. In addition to that there are extra features & material like audio lessons (11 hours), Interactive DVD, phrase guide and live tutoring session via Skype (30 minutes). When buying all 3 levels in a bundle, these extra features are completely free. Within course itself you will also find Voice Recording feature available too. It will allow you to record some phrases & words and then compare it with a native Mandarin speaker. This kind of feature is quite common with language learning programs since it is useful for improving pronunciation and encouraging learners to speak more often.

instant-immersion-chinese-featuresMost workouts, flashcards & quizzes in Instant Immersion program teaches essential Mandarin vocabulary & phrases that might be needed while traveling to China or simply when communicating with Chinese. With each lesson & level of this course phrases & vocabulary become more complex so that learners would be able to participate in real life conversations. Learners can expect to learn vocabulary associated with topics like food, time, shopping, numbers, directions, hobbies and etc. There is even a separate section in this course dedicated to business setting. Users can expand their list of words on topics like marketing, e-mail, advertising, banking and etc. This can be extremely useful for those who are learning Mandarin for business & career purposes. So it can be said that one more useful feature of Instant Immersion is that Mandarin vocabulary in this software is being categorized based on topics. So users of this program don’t need to spend time learning unnecessary words and they can concentrate on areas that interest them the most.

Review of The Main Strong and Weak Sides.

The Main Strong Sides:

  • Since this software teaches essential Mandarin words & phrases, Instant Immersion can be very useful program for expanding Chinese vocabulary. It is also worthwhile to mention that vocabulary in this course is grouped based on different topics so you can always choose to learn words that are needed for you the most;
  • With Instant Immersion program it is possible to keep retention rate quite high when learning Mandarin. New studying material is being repeated through different exercises, flashcards, quizzes and etc. so it is not too difficult to remember everything;
  • If one of your main aims with Chinese is to learn how to speak in this foreign language you will find Instant Immersion software quite useful for that. Audios in this program are done by native speakers so you will be able to learn how to pronounce Mandarin words & phrases correctly. Also Voice Recording feature will allow you to record your pronunciation and then compare it with a native Chinese speaker;
  • Learning Mandarin via Instant Immersion is never too monotonic since this software is combined from different studying multimedia, which is quite engaging too;
  • For on the go learning Instant Immersion includes a small pocket size guide and also audio lessons (11 hours of recorded material) can be transferred to your phone or any other supporting device;
  • Due to little explanations provided in English, it is quite easy to immerse into Chinese language when studying via Instant Immersion program;
  • With this software you will be able to continue studying Mandarin where you last left. Also workouts in this program are based on points so you will be able to see which of them might need to be redone;
  • Some free online tutoring credits are included with Instant Immersion program; however it is only 30 minutes session;
  • Since studying material in Instant Immersion is combined from different multimedia (games, flashcards, audios, workouts and etc.) this program can be suitable for different type of Chinese learners;
  • This program can be installed on different computers so your family members & friends can learn Mandarin together with you (without additional costs);
  • The price for all three levels of Instant Immersion Mandarin program vary between 27.99-49.95 USD, which is quite cheap compared with most competitor courses. Also this learning software is backed up by 90 days money back guarantee;

The Main Weak Sides:

  • Immersion type exercises in this program doesn’t give too much explanations in English. Due to this you need to figure out how Chinese language is structured, how its grammar works on your own. This can be extremely difficult especially if you don’t have previous Mandarin learning experience;
  • If you’re planning to learn Chinese writing system and how to read in this language you will not find any studying material useful for this purpose in Instant Immersion;
  • While some studying material in Instant Immersion can be used for studying on the go, it is not the most convenient course for this purpose. Competitor courses often offer apps that allow to learn Mandarin whenever you are and with different devices too;
  • It can be said that Instant Immersion is not a very social Chinese course. What I mean by that is that this program doesn’t have any features available that would allow learners to communicate between each other or simply ask tutor some questions. Most similar courses provide forums or other features for this purpose;

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

Even though Instant Immersion is probably not the best known program for learning Mandarin, there are sufficient consumer reviews available online that can help to determine if this software is any good or not. It can be said that user testimonials of this learning software are quite mixed. Some learners find immersion type of teaching not very effective when studying more difficult languages like Mandarin and also vocabulary introduced in this program is not always essential.

Other users of Instant Immersion rate this software quite well because it is not too expensive and yet it provides quite a lot of studying content & features to learn Chinese. Some consumer reviews of Instant Immersion Mandarin software can be found bellow.


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In Summary.

To conclude The Main Strong and Weak Sides of Instant Immersion it can be said this Mandarin learning software can be useful only for some learners. Immersion type exercises are not very useful for learning Chinese writing & reading or understanding grammar & structure of this foreign language. You will either need to learn this from some other sources or you need to have previous Mandarin learning experience.

Despite these mentioned issues Instant Immersion can be a useful tool for learning & repeating Chinese vocabulary. All Mandarin words & phrases included in this software are quite essential so you can definitely use them in real life conversations. Studying material also comes in different forms and it is engaging enough so your learning shouldn’t become too monotonic. The other quite commonly mentioned benefit of this program is its price. You can buy all 3 parts of Instant Immersion Mandarin for as little as 49.95 USD (or less), which is a small investment compared with most similar softwares.

Where to buy Instant Immersion Chinese Mandarin Courses?

Instant-Immersion-Chinese-softwareInstant Immersion program for learning Chinese is available for ordering on a couple of different websites. You can find it on eBay, Amazon, official Instant Immersion store and a few other websites.

The price can vary a lot based on the version of this software and number of levels included. The latest version is priced at 59.99 USD on Amazon and slightly older version (2014 edition) can be purchased for as little as 25.10 USD. Of course it is always best to choose the latest version and get the newest features. When buying this course directly from official website it is also possible to order one level; however it is not very cost efficient offer either.

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