Living Language Chinese review.

About Living Language Chinese Method.

For learners who are looking for affordable and well rated Mandarin learning course, Living Language can be a great choice. At the moment learners can choose from more than 18 languages and Mandarin is one of them. Courses are available in a form of books & CD’s as well as online version. Hence Chinese learners can choose a course from Living Language based on their budget and studying preferences.

When it comes to teaching method, Living Language teaches Mandarin through different multimedia. This includes coursebooks, audio CD’s and interactive games, flashcards and quizzes. Also studying material in Living Language covers all areas of Mandarin. This is a great advantage over courses that avoid more complicated parts of Chinese like writing and grammar. Since this course material is dynamic, you will be less likely to get bored. Also you will be able to learn more effectively and practice all aspects of Chinese.

You should know that Living Language method also follows building block approach. This means that this course introduce learners to a new language in small steps. This makes it easier to follow the course and avoid frustration. You will begin with simple stuff and once the lessons progress you will learn more and more vocabulary. Within time you will be able to express your ideas in Mandarin and form more complicated sentences in this foreign language.

In order to provide support for Mandarin learners, Living Language offers a couple of social features. These include forum and e-tutoring sessions. They can be quite useful when you get stuck on more difficult learning material and concepts.

What Courses Are Being Offered?

At the moment Living Language offers three different courses for Chinese learners. These courses differ by offered features and quantity of studying material. Hence from the beginning you should evaluate your learning needs and choose only one of them.

The first edition by Living Language is called Essential. It includes one coursebook as well as three audio CD’s. This particular course is a good choice for anyone who only needs to learn the most essential phrases and vocabulary in this language.

The second course from Living Language is called Complete. Its studying content consists of 9 audio CD’s and 3 coursebooks. Due to the fact that it contains more material, it is a suitable course for learners who want to achieve a more advanced level in Mandarin. The price of this edition is also very appealing for most learners. Hence Chinese learners who don’t need more advanced studying features tend to choose Complete course from Living

The third course from Living Language is called Platinum. Basically it offers the same material as Complete course, but with additional features like mobile app and live e-tutoring lessons. It is worthwhile to consider this edition if you need access to Chinese studying material while on the go or you need additional guidance when learning (e-tutoring).

The other thing to know about Living Language courses is that they come with free online features too. These features include different exercises, quizzes, games and flashcards that are all quite useful for practicing what you have learned in the main lessons. For Mandarin language in particular all Living Language courses offer additional studying bonus – A guide showing how to write the main Chinese characters. This can be a very useful bonus for those who are planning to study all aspects of Mandarin.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

It can be said that user reviews of Living Language Mandarin course online are very positive. Most consumer testimonials point out that this course offers a great value for money. This is because Living Language includes quite a lot of studying material. Also based on reviews, it can be said that this course is well structured and explains grammar well.

Some complains that you can find about Living Language are that quizzes sometimes ask questions that weren’t covered in the studying material yet. Also a few typos can be found too within context of this course. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Living Language Chinese course bellow.


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The Main Strong and Weak Sides.

Strong Sides:

  • Living Language offers different material for studying Mandarin like audios, books and online features. Consequently learners are less likely to get bored while studying;
  • This course does a great job at explaining the whole language structure and grammar. Hence Living Language is a great choice program for everyone who wants to learn not only a few conversation phrases in this language;
  • In addition to the main material in the course, there is also a guide included on how to write Chinese characters. So it is a great bonus for learners who also want to learn how to write some basic Chinese characters;
  • Since one of the main components of this course is audio lessons, you will be able to learn quite a lot material while on the go. Also Platinum version of this course offers app so you can also learn via your phone or other device;
  • This course teaches essential Mandarin vocabulary for travelers. Due to this it is a great choice course for anyone who is planning to travel to Chinese speaking country fast;
  • For learners who have bigger budget for Mandarin learning, it is definitely worthwhile to consider buying Platinum course of Living Language. This is because it has one of the best rated online e-tutoring lessons;
  • Learners who want to find out more about Chinese culture, will find some material included in Living Language course for that too;
  • Essential or Complete versions of this course are very reasonably priced. This is because you can buy them for less than $50;

Weak Sides:

  • Even though Living Language offers online features (flashcards, games and quizzes), they lack engagement. Competitor courses like Rosetta Stone and Rocket offer more captivating activities for practicing new language skills;
  • There are a lot of explanations and English language in this course. Consequently it is difficult to immerse into Chinese language completely when studying via Living Language. However most learners will find it more as a benefit rather than a drawback;
  • Living Language doesn’t offer any advanced features for practicing pronunciation like Rocket and Rosetta Stone programs do. So in case one of your aims is to learn how to speak Chinese with a good accent, it might be a good idea to consider these two mentioned courses instead;
  • The other small drawback of Living Language online course is that it doesn’t have advanced tracking features. Due to this you have to complete a full lesson online in order for it to count as completed.

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review, it can be said that Living Language offers one of the most affordable courses for learning Mandarin. By learning from coursebooks and audio CD’s, you can improve all aspects of Chinese. This includes grammar, reading, speaking, listening and etc. Most online courses for studying Mandarin are limited to listing and speaking parts of this foreign language. Hence you can learn more with Living Language than compared to other courses. Premium edition of Living Language includes some more advanced features for studying Mandarin – e-tutoring and app. Hence even more needy learners can find this course suitable for their learning style.

However when compared with courses like Rosetta Stone and Rocket, it can be said that Living Language offers less engaging online features. Due to this, it is a more suitable course for learners who prefer to study via coursebooks. The other quite commonly mentioned downside of Living Language is that it doesn’t offer sufficient practice through workouts and quizzes. This means that for most Mandarin learners it might be difficult to keep retention rate high. A few users of this program also mention a few typos in the course. Also at times quizzes and workouts include material that wasn’t covered yet. Other than that Living Language courses are well structured and offer cost efficient way to study Mandarin on your own.

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Where to buy Living Language Chinese Courses?

buy-Living-Language-ChineseIf you have already decided to try one of Living Language courses, you can buy it on popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Barnes and Noble and etc. All Living Language courses are also available for purchase directly on official page of this course.

When it comes to prices, Living Language offers one of the most affordable courses for learning foreign languages. You can buy Essential part of this course for as little as $23 and Complete edition for about $50. Platinum version of this course is a bit more expensive since it offers more advanced studying features and you can buy it for $179.

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