Pimsleur Chinese review.

About Pimsleur Chinese Method.

Pimsleur method for teaching languages is known for more than 50 years. Hence today there are lessons available to study various foreign languages via this course. Pimsleur offers to learn two dialects of Chinese – Mandarin and Cantonese. Both of them are among the most widely spoken Chinese dialects and you can learn more about them in this article.

Studying material in Pimsleur comes in a form of audios so in most cases this Chinese course is preferred by audible learners. Each lesson usually lasts for about 25-30 minutes and it features a short conversation in Chinese. This dialogue is being divided into smaller parts and explained in more detail later. This helps to understand new studying material and follow this Chinese course without too much problem.

Listeners of Pimsleur audios are also being prompted to say different Chinese sentences. They either cover studying material from beginning of the lesson or from previous audios. Gradual repetition method used by Pimsleur is very beneficial for keeping retention rate high. As a result most users of Pimsleur confirm that they are able to remember studying material from this course.

What Courses Are Available?

When it comes to Cantonese Chinese, Pimsleur only has one level. While on the other hand for Mandarin dialect there are 5 levels available. So if you do not have an important reason for learning Cantonese, you should definitely choose Mandarin. With five levels available, you would be able to advance significantly more. Although very few courses offer to learn Cantonese at all. So it is still worthwhile to consider Pimsleur course for studying this particular dialect.

For Mandarin dialect, Pimsleur offers Premium version as well. This version has 5 levels and it comes with some additional features like games & flashcards. This edition can be preferred by visual Mandarin learners or those who want more studying possibilities.

chinese_mandarin_premiumEach level of Pimsleur course contains 30 lessons that are approximately 30 minutes long each. So with each level of Pimsleur you can expect to get a total of about 16 hours of recorded material for studying Chinese. So if you are worried that you do not have sufficient time for studying, you shouldn’t be. With a help of Pimsleur you can start learning how to speak and understand Chinese only by dedicating half an hour per day.

The other great benefit of Pimsleur course is that all audio lessons can be transferred to mobile phone or other device. So no matter which version of Pimsleur you will choose (Premium or standard course), you will have an access to all Chinese studying material while on the go. Since audio lessons can be downloaded, you can study offline as well.

Audios in Pimsleur cover topics like greetings, currency, travel plans, talking about yourself & family and etc. So this course can be useful as a survival guide in case you are visiting a country that speaks this foreign language. Of course, it might be a bit difficult to understand native people if you complete just a few Pimsleur levels. However you will definitely be able to order food, hotel, ask simple questions and even tell a bit about yourself.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

It can be said that user reviews of Pimsleur Chinese course are mostly positive. A few negative things that some users point out are that Pimsleur only teaches learners how to speak and understand Chinese. Others don’t like that it doesn’t include written content and also that it’s quite an expensive course if you would sum up all the parts together.

Some of the most frequently mentioned positive aspects of Pimsleur are that these lessons are good at keeping learners retention rate high. Others compliment these lessons because they feature native Chinese speakers. Also it is very convenient to study via Pimsleur while on the go. You can find a few consumer reviews of Pimsleur Chinese course bellow.


For more reviews and comments of this Chinese course, visit Amazon page here.

Also learners who want to see how Pimsleur works, can register at the official website. This way you can get a free 30 minute lesson. It will allow you to test Pimsleur method and make sure that this Chinese course is suitable for your learning style and needs.

Review of The Main Advantages and Disadvantages.


  • For those who want to test Pimsleur method there is a possibility to get one free Mandarin or Cantonese lesson. All you have to do is register at official page of this course;
  • There are even 5 levels of Pimsleur available for Mandarin. So new learners are able to advance quite a lot with this dialect. It is also possible to lean Cantonese dialect with Pimsleur. Although there are fewer lessons available for this particular dialect;
  • Pimsleur teaches good pronunciation and accent. This is for a reason that dialogues are recorded by native Mandarin or Cantonese speakers;
  • Most of phrases and vocabulary included in Pimsleur are essential. So they will definitely come in handy if you are planning to visit China or any other Mandarin/Cantonese speaking country;
  • Pimsleur audios are recorded at a normal phase. Also Chinese speakers talk clearly so the lessons are quite easy to follow;
  • Pimsleur divides larger conversations into smaller parts and also repeats everything a couple of times. Due to this it is not too difficult to understand everything and progress with this Chinese course;
  • Both versions of Pimsleur are suitable for busy learners who prefer to study Chinese while on the go. Audios in this course can be used for studying both online and offline. Free Pimsleur app allows you to access studying material via different devices too;
  • Pimsleur audios are interactive, which means that listeners are constantly being asked to say different sentences in Chinese. This helps to enhance your overall learning efficiency and you will also be more prepared to speak in this foreign language;


  • Pimsleur doesn’t offer writing material, which can be preferred by visual Chinese learners. Even though there is some reading material included, it’s not that much helpful or related to what you have learned in audio lessons. So if you are planning to learn Chinese writing or reading, studying material in Pimsleur will be not sufficient for that;
  • Pimsleur is quite an expensive Chinese course (120 USD per level) considering that it only teaches you how to speak and understand Mandarin or Cantonese;
  • Only one level of Pimsleur is available for learning Cantonese, so the amount of vocabulary you can learn with this dialect is very limited. While there are more parts available for Mandarin, each lesson of this course introduces quite limited new Chinese words. So in order to progress more with Mandarin language you would need to complete at least 3 or even 5 levels of this course;
  • Pimsluer Chinese lessons are a bit monotonic at times. So if you are not committed enough, it might become boring after a few lessons;
  • Pimsleur doesn’t include transcripts of Chinese dialogues in the lessons. So if something is unclear, you can’t look it up and you need to re-listen to studying material a couple of times;

Pimsleur vs Rosetta Stone. Which One is Better?

Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone are both popular language learning programs. Hence it is not surprising that learners are comparing and wondering which of these courses is better. As these courses are very different, there is no right answer to this question. Depending on learners studying style or goals, one can be preferred over the other. Chinese learners who need to learn quick conversational phrases should definitely choose Pimsleur lessons. Audio based format of this course also means that it is more oriented toward audible learners or people with busy schedule. On the other hand, Rosetta Stone can be preferred as supplementary learning resource by visual learners. As activities in Rosetta Stone are very engaging, it can work better for students who tend to get bored easily.

Is Pimsleur Worth It?

To conclude this review it should be said that Pimsleur Chinese course has both benefits and a few drawbacks. Some of the best features of this course are that it teaches essential Chinese phrases, it is convenient course to study Mandarin or Cantonese while on the move. Also it teaches good accent & pronunciation.

A few downsides of Pimsleur lessons are that they lack visual studying content and they don’t teach all parts of Chinese (writing and grammar). Also they can be a bit repetitive at times. Other than that, Pimsleur is a great choice course for anyone who wants to learn conversational Chinese fast.

Whether or not Pimsleur is the right Chinese course for you, depends on a couple of things. For visual learners who enjoy learning via different techniques, a better choice might be Rocket or Fluenz courses. On the other hand Pimsleur can a better choice for learners who prefer audio lessons and only need to learn how to speak & understand Chinese language.

If you are interested in knowing more about available online programs for learning Mandarin, you should definitely check this article. It provides a list of some of the best rated courses for learning foreign languages and also points out their main advantages and disadvantages.

Where to Buy Pimsleur Chinese Courses?

When it comes to pricing it can be said that Pimsleur is quite an expensive course when you add all levels together. However the official website has a great price structure, which doesn’t make these lessons such a big burden on your wallet at the same time.

For those who are committed to learning Chinese, it might be worthwhile to buy all levels of Pimsleur for this foreign language in a bundle. All 5 levels of Pimsleur Mandarin costs 550 USD in MP3 format or 575 USD for Premium version (5 levels). This can help to save at least 50 USD in the long run since buying separate levels of Pimsleur is slightly more expensive.buy-pimsleur-mandarin-lessons

Alternatively you can buy each level separately, which is $119.95 for audio format. It is also possible to buy levels in increments of five lectures, which is $21.95 each. It is a great alternative for learners who can’t afford to buy the whole level at the time.

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