Rocket Chinese review.

About Rocket Chinese Course.

Rocket Languages is a popular choice course for people who are interested in learning foreign languages such as Spanish, French, German and Mandarin is no exception. When it comes to Chinese there are 3 level courses available for this foreign language. By completing all these parts in Rocket program learners are expected to advance from complete beginners to advanced level in Mandarin.

rocket-chinese-courseThe main studying material in Rocket program comes in a form of audios; however there are additional studying tools like quizzes, written content, programs, flashcards and etc. So this program provides a mix of visual and audio studying content for those who want to learn Mandarin. While the main focus of Rocket program is to teach learners how to communicate in Chinese, learners can also learn basics in other areas of this language – grammar, writing and reading. Due to this Rocket can be a suitable course for different type of learners (audible & visual) and also for learners who are interested in improving their skills in all areas of Chinese.

In order to make this course effective for learning foreign languages, Rocket Languages follow different success strategies. Rocket is a successful studying program because it gives learners ability to study Chinese on the move, it provides advanced tools for practicing Mandarin speaking skills, it boosts learners motivation to study further, it explains step by step how this foreign language is structured & works, it reinforces previous studying material and more.

Review of The Main Features.

All three parts of Rocket course consists of 269 Chinese lessons, which would be equal to 366 hours of studying material. This includes audio lessons, language structure & culture lessons, videos teaching how to write in Chinese script, sets of flashcards, different Mandarin phrases in Rocket Record tool.

rocket-chinese-featuresSince one of the teaching strategies of Rocket is make sure that learners are able to recall material from the lessons, it includes many different software’s that are useful for practicing Mandarin from different angles. The first software offered by Rocket course is called Hear it Say it. It works by playing you a word or phrase, then you have to say it for yourself and check if you done it right. This way you can train your ear to spoken Chinese and improve your overall pronunciation. The second included software is Write it those goal is to improve learners Chinese writing skills. It works by playing random phrase & word and then learners are expected to write it in Chinese. After you write it you can also check if you made it right or not. The third program is called Know it. Its purpose is to improve your pronunciation and check how well you know the material from the lessons. It works by showing you a word or phrase in English and then you have to say it in Chinese & record it. Then you can also listen to a native speaker saying it and compare with your own recording. The last software provided by Rocket program is Play it. This particular tool selects random conversations from audio lessons and then simply  plays them. Learners are expected to participate in these dialogues, which is useful for practicing their Chinese speaking skills and making them more prepared for actual life conversations.

Since Rocket is an online based program, it is possible to access all studying material in this course whenever you have an internet connection. Rocket also provides its learners with an app that ensures convenient studying via any smartphone, tablet or computer. This can be a very useful feature for Chinese learners who doesn’t spend too much time at home and have only limited time for studying Mandarin.

Rocket Languages also has some features that are helpful for keeping learners interest in studying further. With Rocket program learners are able to see which parts of the program are already completed. Not only that, but learners can also mark difficulty of each lesson, word or phrase. This is a useful feature because it helps keep track of your progress and repeat parts that were more difficult. Completing lessons & different activities in Rocket program also rewards learners with points. These points are being counted and later learners get badges and also they participate in leader board. All these different features in Rocket ensures that learners are motivated to come back and improve their Mandarin skills further.

When it comes to social features, this course has a forum created for people who are studying Mandarin. There you can find plenty of resources, tips and all the information needed for successful learning. Currently there are thousands of members registered therefore you can be sure that you will find someone answering your questions and giving you advice and tips.

Based on Rocket Languages teaching approach, it is not enough to teach learners only essential phrases of a new language. Due to this Rocket provides learners with clear and detailed explanations on Chinese structure, so that it would be more clear how this language works. Furthermore it is possible to find a transcript (English & Mandarin) of each dialogue in audio lessons. So learners can follow Rocket program without doing any guessing and progress confidently in Chinese language.try-rocket-chinese-course

In case you want try this course before buying it, you should know that there is an option to register for a 6 days free trial. During this time you can fully test all the features included in Rocket program and make a decision whether it’s the right course for you. Also some people are not always sure if they can commit to learning a new language, so six days might be just enough time to check how committed you are.

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What Do Other People Reviews Say?

Majority of the reviews that you can find about Rocket courses will be positive, no matter which language you are learning. If you would look for reviews of Rosetta Stone software, Pimsleur or some other Chinese course, you would find a bit more mixed opinions. This can be due to lower price of Rocket Chinese and also the fact that this course is very dynamic & suitable for different type of learners.

Most likely positive reviews can also be influenced by the fact that Rocket offers new learners the possibility to test a program for 6 days before making any payments. So everyone is able try Rocket course for free first and only later decide if they want to spend any money on it. You can find a couple of actual consumer reviews of Rocket Mandarin bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Rocket Chinese course visit the official website here.

The Main Pros and Cons of Rocket Chinese.

The Main Pros:

  • It can be said that Rocket is one of the most dynamic programs for learning Mandarin. This is because it includes audio lessons, culture notes, grammar explanations, games, different tools for learning & repeating vocabulary (Know it, Play it, Hear it, Say it, Write it) and quizzes;
  • There are 3 levels of Rocket available for Mandarin, so learners can achieve even advanced speaking level in this foreign language after completing all parts in this program;
  • Rocket teaches all aspects of Chinese language including grammar, writing, speaking, listening as well as reading;
  • The vocabulary and phrases that you can learn from Rocket program are essential and they would be very useful while traveling or speaking with native Chinese people;
  • Rocket program is a great choice for busy people since audios can be transferred to your mp3 player and there is also an app available, which will allow you to access all studying material in the course via tablet or smartphone;
  • Rocket has some great features for keeping your motivation high to study Mandarin. It includes quizzes, badges, leader board, self-rating system and more;
  • You will not need to do any guessing while using Rocket course since each dialogue in audio lessons have transcripts in both Mandarin and English. Also conversations in these dialogues are divided into smaller parts so that you would be able to understand everything;
  • There is one native Mandarin speaker in audio lessons so you will be able to learn how speak in this language with a good accent. Audios are interactive too, so listeners are constantly encouraged to speak Mandarin out load. Also Rocket Chinese course has a very useful tool (Rocket Record), which will allow you to compare your pronunciation with a native Mandarin speaker;
  • Users of this course can ask questions or get some tips in a forum, which was specifically created for Chinese learners. So whenever to get stuck on something you can be sure that you will get help from either other fellow learners or a teacher;
  • All three Rocket Chinese levels come with a free bonus – Survival Kit. These kits will provide you with audios that will help you learn additional vocabulary (useful phrases and words);
  • Unlike some other courses reviewed in this website (for example Rosetta Stone), Rocket program offers Chinese learners a lifetime access to the course (with all upcoming future updates);
  • Based on the features that Rocket Mandarin offers it can be said that it is very reasonably priced course ($99.95 for Premium). Also Rocket offers money back guarantee (60 days), so you can ask for refund in case you find this course not useful;

The Main Cons:

  • Rocket is mostly an online based program, so you would need to have internet connection in order to access most of the material included in this course. And if you are interested in physical copy of this course it is quite expensive ($299.95 for each level);
  • Rocket focuses more on teaching learners how to speak and understand Mandarin, rather than writing or reading. However with Rocket course you would be getting some basics of Chinese writing system, which other courses doesn’t include at all;
  • Since Rocket provides quite a lot of explanations in English (both written and spoken form), some learners might find it difficult to immerse into Mandarin fully while studying via this program;

Summary of a Review and Pricing.

If you are a visual or audible learner who is just beginning to learn Mandarin, Rocket course is definitely a good choice program for you. It is one of the best online courses for learning Chinese, because it offers a lot of material to study from, it covers all areas of Mandarin and learners are actually able to recall what they have learned. Some other great benefits of Rocket program are that it includes culture notes, grammar explanations, Chinese writing basics that are essential parts of learning this language. Furthermore this course can work great for travelers (teaches essential phrases) and busy people (can be accessed via different devices). All these mentioned benefits and features make Rocket one of the most popular programs for learning Chinese online.

Despite many benefits of Rocket Mandarin, this course also has a few weak sides. Even though explanations & translations in English language are a lot needed, they also take a lot of time in Rocket program. Due to this you will be hearing more English rather than Mandarin, which makes it more difficult to immerse into this foreign language. Learners who are studying Chinese for academic purposes might also find writing & grammar lessons not sufficient. It is definitely enough if you only need to learn basics, but more needy learners might need to find supplementary studying content.

Where to buy Rocket Mandarin Courses?

rocket-chinese-mandarin-premiumWhen it comes to price it can be said that Rocket is probably one of the cheapest options if you want to start learning Chinese. Other courses like Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur are more expensive even if they do not offer more features or material.

In case you will decide to purchase Rocket Chinese Premium, you should know that at the moment it costs around 99.95 USD and the Premium Plus is another 149.95 USD. This might seem like a lot a beginning; however if you would compare that to a private tutor or language schools, this is definitely a smaller investment.

Visit the official page of Rocket Chinese.