Rosetta Stone Chinese review.

About Rosetta Stone Chinese Program.

Tried to learn foreign languages on your own before? In that case you should already be familiar with Rosetta Stone name. This program is a popular choice for learning foreign languages and Chinese is no exception. Many learners choose Rosetta Stone for studying, because it offers interactive program with many learning activities. Also this Mandarin course has a lot of feedback from users and reviews online. Hence new learners can know exactly what results to expect from Rosetta Stone.

Teaching method of Rosetta Stone is often referred to as immersion. What it basically means is that this course introduce a new language the same way users learned their first language. In Rosetta Stone program you will not see any explanations in English language, only the one that you are trying to learn. To portray meaning of a certain Chinese word or phrase, this program associates it with a picture. In the beginning this course teaches simple words and later it introduces more complex Chinese phrases & sentences.

Review of The Main Learning Features.

Rosetta Stone MandarinAt the moment Rosetta Stone offers 5 levels for Chinese learners. For some less popular languages it only has three levels. Hence it means that users can achieve more advanced level with Chinese while using Rosetta Stone. If we would convert these levels into studying time, it would be approximately equal to 250 hours of studying time. Rosetta Stone teaches Mandarin, which is the most commonly learned dialect of this foreign language.

The other thing to know about this program is that it is available in different length subscriptions – 3, 6, 12 and 24 months. They are priced differently so before selecting one it is worthwhile to evaluate your learning goals. In case you are serious about learning Mandarin, definitely consider choosing longer term membership.

Rosetta Stone can be a suitable learning tool for Mandarin learners who want to study on the move. Mobile app in this course allows learners to study flexibly via different devices (tablet, smartphone and computer). This helps to ensure that learners are able to study Mandarin whenever they are. This can be possible even by having very limited time. This learning program offers many advance studying features as well. These include ability to participate in e-tutoring sessions and play learning games (solo or with other Chinese learners).

rosetta-stone-mandarin-softwareOne great benefit of Rosetta Stone program is that it includes learning activities & features that cover all areas of Chinese – reading, speaking, writing and listening. Some workouts cover aspects of Chinese grammar too. Nevertheless since workouts teach through complete immersion, you will not be able learn much in this area. One quite useful feature of Rosetta Stone is that it groups its activities based on the area of Chinese that it covers. So if your primary goal is to improve Mandarin speaking & listening, you can choose to do activities that cover only these areas.

Vocabulary in Rosetta Stone is mostly grouped based on different topics. So you can concentrate on subjects that matter the most for you. Vocabulary topics that this program cover include travelling, shopping, directions, work, food, restaurant visits, celebrations and much more. They can definitely be useful in case you are learning Chinese for traveling purposes. Hence with Rosetta Stone you don’t need to waste time and can begin learning essential Chinese vocabulary & phrases from the start.


Users of Rosetta Stone program can also follow their learning progress quite easily. After completing different workouts in this course, you can see how many mistakes you made. This is a useful feature when trying to decide if you need to repeat certain workouts. Also since Rosetta Stone has advanced tracking, learners are able to continue studying Chinese where they last left.

Rosetta Stone has some useful features that enable learners to practice their Chinese speaking skills and learn proper pronunciation. One of them is accompanying audio CD’s that can be used for learning on the go or even offline. TruAccent is another feature in Rosetta Stone that is aimed at encouraging learners to speak Mandarin out load. This feature also gives feedback on pronunciation. Hence you can instantly know if you are pronouncing right or you still need some practice. It is also worthwhile to mention that recordings in this program are done by native speakers. Consequently with Rosetta Stone users can be sure that they are hearing & learning correct Mandarin pronunciation.

Review of the Main Advantages and Disadvantages.


  • Rosetta Stone teaches Mandarin, which is the most commonly taught and learned dialect of Chinese;
  • At the moment there are 5 parts of Rosetta Stone available for Mandarin. As a result Chinese learners can advance quite a lot with this foreign language;
  • Want to try Rosetta Stone method for learning Chinese? In that case it is possible to get 3 days trial lessons (on official page);
  • Audios in this learning program are recorded by a native speakers. Also TruAccent tool is helpful for practicing pronunciation skills. Due to these reasons Rosetta Stone can be a useful tool for improving Chinese speaking skills and learning correct pronunciation;
  • Rosetta Stone teaches through complete immersion method. This means that there are no explanations in English. As a result Chinese learners who know little or any English can use this course. Also the program is quite easy to use & navigate, so you will not need much guidance;
  • Rosetta Stone includes workouts that cover all parts of Mandarin. Hence with this program you can improve speaking, listening, writing and reading skills;
  • Busy Mandarin learners can study via Rosetta Stone while on the go by using free app. This app allows to access studying content anytime and by using different devices. There are additional accompanying audios available to study offline as well;
  • Studying Chinese via Rosetta Stone is never too monotonic. This is achieved by different learning activities & studying features. Also workouts in this program are image based, so they are quite engaging to do;
  • Users of Rosetta Stone are able to learn through different activities (workouts, games, audios & etc.). This helps to ensure overall learning efficiency. Also studying content is repeated in further lessons so it is possible to keep retention rate high;
  • Advanced tracking in Rosetta Stone allows learners to follow their learning progress easier (shows number of mistakes and etc.). Also users of this program are able to continue studying Chinese where they last left;
  • Rosetta Stone has some advanced social learning features. You can book e-tutoring sessions and play games with other Chinese learners. These features can be useful in case you want to get support and they can also make your learning experience more fun & engaging;
  • This program groups its workouts based on topics (vocabulary) and area of language they cover. Consequently with Rosetta Stone learners are able to choose what part of Chinese language they want to improve;
  • Rosetta Stone is backed up by money back guarantee. Hence you try this Mandarin course risk free for up to 30 days;


  • You will not find any English explanations or translations in Rosetta Stone. This means that you will need to figure out tones, grammar rules and etc. on your own. So unless you have previous Chinese learning experience, you will need to use supplementary books or courses to Rosetta Stone;
  • While Rosetta Stone introduces mostly essential Chinese vocabulary, this course certainly doesn’t offer the quickest way to learn survival phrases for travelers. Immersion type of learning means that in the beginning you will be introduced to separate Mandarin words and it will take time until you will be able to form sentences from them or express your ideas;
  • At times it is difficult to tell what precise Chinese word & phrase a picture in Rosetta Stone workout is trying to portray. Hence occasionally learners can feel uncertain about meaning of some words;
  • Learners will not find any information about Chinese people & their culture in this program. This is because Rosetta Stone use the same course template and structure for all foreign languages;
  • You can get access to Rosetta Stone program for as little as 79 USD, which would cover 3 month subscription. This means that you will need to pay multiple times to continue using this course for longer. Alternatively it is possible to select longer term memberships (12 or 24 month) and get discount on monthly price;

What Do Other Peoples Reviews Say?

Rosetta Stone has mostly positive reviews from its users when it comes to languages like German, Spanish and French. Nevertheless for Chinese language in particular, reviews are not so positive. The fact that feedback of this course vary slightly for different languages is not something surprising. Languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean are more unique and difficult to learn for English learners. Hence most learners need more detailed explanations in order to study them efficiently. Since Rosetta Stone doesn’t offer this, user experience with this learning program is not always successful.

Despite of that, learners still find this program quite useful for studying some parts of Mandarin. They recommend this program for practicing speaking skills or learning new Chinese vocabulary. Read a couple of reviews from actual users of Rosetta Stone Mandarin program bellow.


These are only a few reviews of Rosetta Stone Mandarin program. If you want to read more, simply visit Amazon website.

In Summary.

To conclude this review, it can be said that Rosetta Stone Chinese has both advantages and disadvantages. Whether this learning program can be useful for studying Mandarin or not, can depend on a couple of things.

For learners who do not have previous Mandarin learning experience, it might be too difficult to study via Rosetta Stone alone. Since immersion type of learning doesn’t give explanations & translations, you would need to understand Mandarin structure and grammar rules on your own. Of course, it is possible to use Rosetta Stone in combination with grammar books or other courses. For learners who are planning a trip to Mandarin speaking country fast, Rosetta Stone is not the best option to learn survival Chinese fast as well. While this program introduces essential vocabulary, it is mostly separate words in the beginning. So you would need to progress quite a lot with this program to be able to express your ideas or form sentences.

Other than that, Rosetta Stone has some useful studying features that many Mandarin learners can take advantage of. This program has some great tools & studying content for practicing Chinese speaking skills & pronunciation. You can use supplementary audios to practice pronunciation of Mandarin words & phrases while on the go or offline. Also TruAccent feature in this program will encourage you to speak Chinese out load and even will provide you with feedback. Rosetta Stone also includes many interactive activities to study Mandarin from. Hence you can be sure that your learning experience will not be monotonic. Workouts in this course also cover all parts of Chinese. Consequently you can improve your skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking. Furthermore this program does sufficient repetition of new content. So you will be able to recall studying content without doing too much repetition. Also Rosetta Stone offers different subscription lengths for Chinese learners. Hence users can choose the most cost efficient membership, based on their Mandarin learning goals.

Want to know more about alternative courses for learning Chinese on your own? In that case you should read this article. It provides a list of courses for studying Mandarin and also points out their main advantages & disadvantages.

Where to buy Rosetta Stone Chinese Courses?

Rosetta Stone Chinese Lifetime

Rosetta Stone is available for purchase on official website of this Chinese program. Alternatively you can buy it on a few retail sites like eBay, Amazon and etc. Price difference is usually minimal between these retailers, so there is no large difference from where to purchase it.

The price of Rosetta Stone Chinese varies based on your selected subscription length. Currently you can get 12 month subscription for ~179 USD. In case you are planning to study Chinese for longer, there is also an option to purchase lifetime membership on Amazon. It allows users to choose any language from Rosetta Stone (including Mandarin) and use it for unlimited time.

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